October 6 Newsletter

Hello 2nd Grade Families,

The 2nd graders completed the 3 days of MAP testing last week! They put forth great effort. I’m proud of them! You will get the results of their test Thursday, October 12th. We will discuss them at conferences.

Our Learning:

We celebrated the 100th birthday of Saint John on Wednesday. Mass was beautiful and the kids enjoyed popsicles at lunchtime. We sang this chant in class and small groups share this chant with K and 1 classes. Great job readers!!

Saint John Church Bugaloo

I’m a Saint John student, and I’m here to say

It’s Saint John’s one-hundredth birthday today!

We’ve been a parish since 1917!

It has been one hundred years, you see!


Stained glass, altar, wooden pews too.

Doing the Saint John BUGALOO!


Our church was founded by Father William Quigley.

We named a big brick building after him, really!

He worked so hard to get our church constructed,

We are so thankful that’s what he wanted.


Holy water, Eucharist, adoration too.

Doing the Saint John BUGALOO!


Saint John church is a place we come to pray.

We can visit God there every day.

Generations of people have loved this church.

Parents, teachers, students know what it’s worth!


Saint statues, choir loft, sacristy too.

Doing the Saint John BUGALOO!


Social Studies: We’re learning about different kinds of maps and reading different maps in our atlas book collection.  Where in the world is FLAT STANLEY? I hope Stanley is off on his adventure!

***When Flat Stanley returns to you, please email me. I will send you the report page for your child to fill out. It is a simple form about where Stanley went, how far away he traveled and includes 1 sentence about that place.

Math: We learned how to log in to Mathletics, played math games, had math centers and started our place value unit.

Writing: We focused on using capitals and punctuation in all our writing. We continue to write our Weekend News. Next week we begin Writer’s Workshop. Your child will choose a topic to write about in their Writer’s Notebook.

Religion: We learned about the rosary and prayed a decade of the Rosary. We visit the chapel every Thursday for adoration prayer.

Spelling: We practice the week’s spelling words in class with different activities and our phonics workbook.  We have spelling tests every Friday.

xtramath tips: There are 3 round of xtramath.  Round 1: quiz, Round 2: review of facts you don’t know quickly yet, Round 3: New facts.  The score your child has is the % they know quickly.  On the calendar if your child is getting Red, then you need to sit with them while they complete xtramath for round 1.  You can type for your child.  Have your child say the answer aloud.  It is more important to get the answer correct, then to go fast.  Please contact me if you’d like help with supporting your child in learning their math facts.


Vision and Hearing Screening: October 13th

School Pictures: October 18th

Greenwood library books due October 24th. If your child’s books are at school, I will return them.

Thank you for all you do to help our school!  You are appreciated 🙂

Mrs. Oines

September 22nd

I’m proud of the 2nd Graders for completing over 3 weeks of school! We are well on our way to a great 2nd grade year.  Your child now knows how to…

  • Choose good-fit books and return them
  • Write their heading on their paper
  • What to do when they are finished
  • Follow the class rules
  • Organize their desk
  • And many more routines

This month’s learning:

Religion: We are learning and practicing different forms of prayer including: morning, lunch and afternoon prayer, the Act of Contrition (I’m Sorry Prayer) and Adoration in the chapel.


  • Review short and long vowels patterns
  • Practicing choosing a good-fit book
  • read to self time every day and daily phonic lessons in our Phonics workbook. The phonic workbook has both a word study and reading comprehension component.
  • Practice using reading strategies- check for understanding, retell a story, back up and reread and make predictions


  • Math fact strategies and vocabulary
    • Counting on (8 + 3 is 8, 9, 10, 11)
    • Counting back (12 – 3 is 12, 11, 10, 9)
    • Make a ten (7 + 5 is 5 + 5 = 10, 10 + 2 = 12)
    • Doubles and Near Doubles (8 + 9 is 8 + 8 = 16, 16 + 1 = 17)
    • Sum and Addend
    • Difference
  • Mathletics and xtramath.org
  • Coming in October: Place value to 1,000

Handwriting– Daily practice of printing letters


  • Work on Writing- student choose what to write about in their writing notebook. We are working on building stamina for writing and thinking of ideas to write about.
  • Every Monday is Weekend News- Each week’s entry is collected and saved for the end of the trimester. The goal is to write 3 or more sentences about what you did on the weekend.
  • Lessons on
    • How to write a complete sentence
    • types of sentences
    • using punctuation and capitals in every sentence

Social Studies– Where in the world is Flat Stanley? I hope Stanley is on his way to a great adventure! If not, send him ASAP. We are learning how to read maps so that we know where Stanley went. Map skills include locating continents, oceans, countries, using a compass rose and legend (key).

Science– We will begin learning about landforms in October.

Read Aloud Book: My Father’s Dragon and comprehension activities.

Spelling: We are working on spelling in class.  Spelling homework will begin the week of October 2nd.


October 3rd, Greenwood Library Field Trip : GET LIBRARY card ASAP

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) are schedule the week of October 2-5.   Do not schedule appoints between 8:30-10 that week.

Mrs. Oines

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

It’s going to be a great year!  Our class is known as the Outstanding Orcas.  We begin the year learning about our local orca, the Southern Resident pods J, K and L.  Do you know about the orca named Granny?  Do you know what what our orcas eat?  Do you know where these orcas travel?  Your child will be able to wow you with orca facts and learn to appreciate our beautiful Puget Sound.

Here are a few our our local orcas…

J-16 Slick 45 years old

J-35 Tahlequah 19 years old

J-46 Star 8 years old

J-45 Se-Yi’-Chn 8 years old

J-51 Nova 2 years old

Welcome back to school!  I’m excited to met you and get started on a terrific year!

Mrs. Oines