Moving Week

Hello 2nd Grade Parents,

It’s finally time to move to the main building!  Because of your generous support of our capital campaign, we get to end the year in our beautiful, new classroom.  Starting on Monday, our class will officially be using the new classroom.   The children visited their classroom and delivered their supplies to their new desk.  The kids did a great job being flexible and going with the flow this week while Mrs. Morris and I moved classrooms.

  • New front door to the school is located on the SE side of the school.
  • Drop off your child at the normal line spot near the playpit.
  • New Pick Up Location: We will exit the SW door of the school and line up along the fence between the school and administration building.   

This week:

The Teddy Bear Patrol from Warm 106.9 came today, including Wendell the life-sized teddy bear.  Wendell gave hugs and hives to the kids after the teddy bears were collected.  The kid’s donation will be distributed around the greater NW to police officers, fire fighters and foster care locations.  Thank you!

Monday we participated in a Reconciliation Service and Wednesday we received the Sacrament with Father Crispin.  The children were reverent and Father Crispin complimented our class.

Next week:

  • Blessing of the New Classrooms on Monday with Father Crispin at 9am
  • Routine and procedures in our new rooms
  • money
  • poetry
  • Holy Week
  • cursive

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Oines


March 22nd Newsletter

Hello 2nd Grade Families,

Report Cards: Please return the envelope and one signed copy.

Volunteers needed for STEM Day, Thursday, March 28th from 10-11.  The 2nd graders will create a relief map of their own island including several landforms, then build up landforms using white clay and finally paint their island to look realistic.  I need helpers for the painting step.  Email me if you can help, thank you!

STEM Night: Please join me next Thursday from 5:30-7:30 for STEM fun!  I will be manning one of the tables, so be sure to come by.

Primary Lenten Service Project:  Teddy Bear Patrol – We are collecting new or gently used small stuffed animals no bigger than 12 inches for kids in need.  Please bring your donation to our classroom by April 11th.  Perhaps your child could do a job or use some allowance money and then buy a stuffy for a child in need.  We will be parading our bears to the Greenwood Fire Department.  More details about the delivery walk coming soon.

Biography Writing: This week the kids learned how to write interview questions, interview a buddy, plan a biography and begin drafting.  We will edit, revise and publish next week.

Money Unit: It’s time to get out your coin collections.  Ask you child to count up different combinations of change.  Here are posters the kids made to teach each other about the value and facts about each coin.

Great work this week!


Mrs. OInes

March Newsletter

Hello parents,

This week we are learning:

  • Math: counting coins, identifying coins, history of each coin and money games.  I even brought in some real coins for the kids to use in this unit.
  • Reading: nonfiction reading about landforms & chapter book + book reports in class
  • Phonics: adding suffixes (swimming: double the last consonant, baking: drop the e)
  • Science: identifying and describing landforms and how they develop & homework landform report Due Friday.  Students will teach the class about their landform next Monday.
  • Handwriting: upper case cursive letters
  • Writing: How to write a biography about a classmate.  Students will think of questions to ask their partner, plan how to organize their report, write a draft biography, edit/revise with support and publish a biography with teacher support.
  • Religion: morning lenten prayer with Mrs. People’s class, virtue of the month is temperance and lessons focused on Lent.  Join us Fridays @ 2:30 for Stations of the Cross.

Report Cards: I’ve been working hard to prepare your child’s report cards.  As I reflect on the past trimester, I am so proud of the 2nd graders and all the growth they have shown so far.  Report cards will be sent home this Thursday.  Please sign one copy and return the envelope so it can be reused.  Thank you!

Something for the Calendar:

Two things coming up soon that I would like you all to be aware of…

1. 2nd Annual March Crabness, Saturday, March 23, 6pm: This basketball themed event is rapidly becoming a St John tradition! More information here:

2. Join me for Family STEM Night, Thursday, March 28- 5:30pm-7:30pm: Join us at a brand new event where families can come work together to solve a variety of STEM challenges. More information here:
God bless you!
Mrs. Oines

March 1st Newsletter

Hello parents,

It was wonderful to have a full week of school with the 2nd Graders!  We learned a lot and worked hard on some new skills.  Our class is still patiently waiting for the new classrooms to be completed.  I don’t know when we’ll move, but I will keep you posted if any new information is released.

Last Week:

Math: Math fact practice & Subtracting 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping.  Ex. 249-193=                                                                                                  We will be learning how to regroup across zeroes this week.  400-146=   Math test Friday.

Religion: First Communion is coming up soon!  We learned about the parts of the mass to get prepared for First Communion.  We learned that mass has 2 parts: Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist. We put a sequence book together and used it to do a few activities.  We’ll participate in Ash Wednesday mass this week and will be looking out for the different parts of mass.  Please bring your child to mass!  It’s the best way to prepare for First Communion.  Don’t forget to bring the MagnifiKid and help your child follow along during mass.

Writing: Opinion paragraph & writing process.  I’m teaching the kids to follow the writing process using a paragraph frame.  This helps the children organize a topic sentence, 3-5 details sentences and a conclusion sentence.  Writing process: plan-make an idea web, draft, edit & revise with a partner and teacher, publish.   We start by writing a paragraph together and then try it with my support.

Reading: Daily silent reading of good-fit books and reading groups.  Last week we read 3 articles from Explorer magazine.  We read about an invasive fish in Florida’s coast, the lionfish, and wrote an opinion paragraph as a class to practice the writing process.

Daily paragraph editing:  We spend a few minutes each day editing a paragraph.  We’re working on always writing a capital and punctuation when we write.  This is one way to practice recognizing errors in our writing.

Spelling: spelling and finding words with digraphs – ch –tch

Cursive:  We’re making our way through the lower cursive letters.  Letters m, n, y ad v

Coming this month:

Science: landforms

Math: money and counting coins

Reading: biographies

Writing: write a biography

Spelling & Grammar: suffixes

Religion: Ash Wednesday, Lent, Station of the Cross


Greenwood library field trip – Tuesday, March 5 @ 12:45

Stations of the Cross – every Friday, 2:30 – all are welcome!

STEM night: March 26, 5-7pm

God bless you as we begin the season of Lent!  Parents, you are invited to join Best Lent Ever.  It’s a short daily video series that include encouragement, prayer, inspiration and scripture focused on Lenten topics from Dynamic Catholic.  I’ve participated for many years and always look forward to it.  Join here:


Mrs. Oines



Pike Place Market field trip

We were blessed to have a gorgeous weather day at the Pike Place Market.  The kids learned so much from their tour guides about the producers, market history, jobs at the market and countries represented at the market.  After the field trip the kids made a poster with their group to share what they learned with the class.  I highly recommend going to the market and getting a tour from your 2nd grader.  There were so many amazing foods and products to enjoy!  Thank you Erin, Kara, Kevin, Tricia and Mrs. Morris for chaperoning!

Family Event “Love in the Market” at Pike Place Market: Saturday, February 23rd



Catholic Schools Week

We had a wonderful Catholic Schools Week!  Here’s a review of the celebrations we had.

Sunday, January 27h – Celebrating Our Parish

  • Thank you for coming to our last Open House in the portables!

Monday, January 28 – Celebrating Your Community – We made thank-you cards for the Greenwood librarians for helping us check out books each month.  Jax’s cousin, Thomas, shared about his job working for the Seahawks.  He works with sponsors at the corporate office in Renton.  He had many stories about the players and told the kids to get good grades and work hard so that they can get the job they want someday.  Thomas gave the kids Seahawk cups.  Thank you, Thomas!

Tuesday, January 29st – Celebrating Our Volunteers – Thank you parents for all you do!  Did you get your thank-you card from your child?

Wednesday, Jan. 30 – Celebrating Our Nation – We learned the history of our American flag, explored the meaning of the pledge of allegiance and were a part of the all-school make the flag photo in the church.  Many students wore cultural dress and shared about their family heritage.

Thursday, Jan. 31d – Celebrating Vocations/Teacher Appreciation Day – I felt very loved and appreciated that day!  Thank you for the flowers, all 5 vases of them 🙂 Every student dressed as a teacher that day!

Career Day: Thank you to Matt Diefenbach for sharing about his amazing career at Turnstyle in Fremont – .  We learned about how he helps companies create a brand that people will recognize.  Thank you, Matt!!

Friday, Feb. 1 – Celebrating Students – Purple and Gold Day -. The K-2nd graders danced to “Can’t Touch This” at the all school assembly.  Free lunch was yummy!

Happy Catholic Schools Week!!  We love our Catholic School!

Pike Place Field Trip – return permission slips by Monday and $2 cash.  Field trip is February 7th, 9-1.  Bring a sack lunch that day.  Student need to wear dress uniform.

Valentine’s Day: We will celebrate Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14th.  It is your child’s choice whether they would like to write their classmates’ names or just sign their own name on their Valentine’s.  Your child is welcome to send the cards early for safe keeping at school.  Please do not add edible treats but non-edible treat like stickers, pencils, bookmarks are okay.  A student list in the back of your family directory.

Winter Break: No School Feb. 15-19.

This week we…

  • completed the writing process as a class with the topic: American flag
  • S.S. – examined the tiny items from Pike Place Market docent kit.
  • practiced 2-digit subtraction.
  • continued cursive letter formation
  • Parent art led by Temry and Erin – thank you!!

God bless you and your family!  Thank you for all you do for our school.  I appreciate you!

Mrs. Oines


January 25 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Catholic Schools Week starts on Sunday!  Please be sure to join us for 10:30 Mass on Sunday, January 27th and for the Open House immediately following.  Come see the animal reports and our classroom.  This is the last Open House in the portable classrooms before we move to our new classrooms in the main building.

Check your child’s folder for their STAR Reading test.  It will show you their latest reading level.  I don’t need this returned.

Catholic Schools Week Schedule

Monday: Celebrate Our Community – FREE DRESS

Tuesday: Celebrate Volunteers Day

Wednesday: Celebrate Our Nation – Wear cultural dress or Dress uniform

Thursday: Celebrate Our Teachers – Dress like a teacher day and bring in a flower

Friday: Purple and Gold Day- free lunch for students and all school assembly

***Hot Lunch: DO NOT order hotlunch on February 7nd.  We are going to Pike Place Market that day.  Permission slips will come home soon.  I have all the chaperones needed- thank you volunteers!

Our Learning this week:

  • 2-digit subtraction using the regrouping strategy
  • cursive letter formation: i, t, u, w, e and l
  • Writing and identifying pronouns
  • Morning Offering prayer
  • Animal report

Making of the Animal Report Pictures – Come see them at the Open House this Sunday @ 12:00-1:30.


Mrs. Oines

January 18 Newsletter

It was a busy week!  Read below to hear all about it!

What we’re learning:

Author Study Steve Jenkins: This author writes facts and creates beautiful collage pictures of animals. We’ll have over 20 of his books in class to read.  This video show how Steve Jenkins creates is amazing books.

Science and Writing:

Northwest Animal Report: For Common core standard students are to do a research and writing project in 2nd Grade (W2.7). Starting the week of January 20th week, the students will be doing their own research and finding pictures at home for their project. Then, the final writing will be completed in class. This will be divided into sections with homework every night being a part of the research, and then the next day will be writing it in class. Please help your child do the research.  The final reports will be presented to the class once the project is complete.

The final reports will on display at the Open House for Catholic School’s Week, January 27th from 12-1:30.  I hope you can come!

Social Studies: Mr. Scott Davies, Docent from Pike Place Market, visited out our class on Tuesday.  We learned the history of the market and heard about what we’ll see when we visit.  We provided a bag of books and lessons for us to explore about the market.  Pike Place Market Field Trip, February 7th, 9-1pm.  Permission slips will go home next week.

Martin Luther King:  We watched his I Have a Dream Speech and have continued reading about civil rights.  We had a moment of silence after we read Henry’s Freedom box, a story about a slave who mailed himself in a wooden box to gain his freedom.  We paused to honor that people who were enslaved and to pray for their souls.

Cursive:  Letter i, t and u.

Math: 2-digit addition.

Vocations Guest Speakers needed for Catholic School’s Week, Jan. 28-Feb. 1: Can you come and share about your job with the 2nd graders?  We are flexible on the time of day.  Contact me if you have share with us.

Parent Art: New Year’s Lion Art, named Kwan. In China they use lion masks in a celebration Lion Dance for the New Year. – Thank you Veronika, Erin and Temry for the great lesson!

God bless you!  We’ll be marching in the Martin Luther King parade in downtown Seattle to honor Dr. King and to support civil rights today.  All are welcome to join in the march!

Mrs. Oines


January 11 Newsletter

Welcome back to school!  It has been wonderful to hear about the 2nd graders’ Christmas adventures.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends.  My family and I spent several days in Leavenworth.  My favorite part was cross-country skiing with my girls and nephews.  Thank you for the generous scrip gift!  I plan to treat myself to something special.  I appreciate you!

This week, we made New Year’s promises to practice our virtue of month, fidelity.  We learned how to add 2-digit numbers with regrouping, wrote possessive nouns, started cursive stokes, read nonfiction books and check out a nonfiction book from Greenwood library.

Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King, Jr.: Our read aloud books for the next few weeks are focused on the civil rights movement, American history of slavery and the pursuit of justice for all, and American heroes.  We have read: Let’s Talk about Race, All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color, Two Friends: The Story of Susan B. Anthony and Fredrick Douglas, Henry’s Freedom Box and What’s the Big Deal About Freedom: A story of how different American’s won the right to be free.

Vocations Guest Speakers needed for Catholic School’s Week, Jan. 28-Feb.1: Can you come and share about your occupation with the 2nd graders?  We are flexible on the time of day.  Contact me if you have share with us.

Tour of Pike Place Market: I am requesting 3 volunteers to help chaperone our field trip Thursday, February  7th, 9-1.  (Chaperone spots filled, thank you). We will have a guided tour of Pike Place Market in small groups.  You would be required to chaperone a small group of students.  This is a no-buying field trip for students and parents.  We are there to learn about the history of the market, meet some producers and have a few samples.  We take a metro bus to and from Pike Place Market.

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Oines

Christmas Newsletter

Merry Christmas to you and your family!  We had a lovely week full of Christmas activities.  I hope you enjoy these bell making photos and video!  Enjoy a wonderful Christmas vacation and I look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Thank you so much for the generous Scrip gift!  I really appreciate it!

***Please keep reading and log in to xtramath over the break!

Making of and using the Jingle Bells:

Click HERE: Playing Jingle Bells with our Bells Video