March 2nd

God blessed us with gorgeous weather for our field trip to Pike Place Market.  We experienced the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the market.  I highly recommend returning with your child so they can give you a tour.  The food bank staff sends their thanks for the food donations.  Rachel the Piggy Bank appreciates all the donations too!

Coat and soup drive going on until Easter.  Please consider donating gently used kid and adult coats.

Our Learning:

NEW prayer: Morning Offering – We made a poster of the first line of the prayer.  It was sent home today.  Please post somewhere in your home and practice the prayer.  It’s a lovely prayer, “Oh Jesus, through the immaculate heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day. Amen.”

Math fact practice – keep working on it!
Adding suffixes to words, drop the y and add i
Reading, interpreting and creating graphs
More cursive strokes
Biographies – Dr. Seuss, George Washington Carver (inventor) and presidents
Reading and making timelines
Zones of Regulation Lessons

Zones of Regulation:

Ask your child what the 4 zones are:

Blue = low energy, moving slowly

Green = ready to learn, content, happy, calm

Yellow = starting to lose control, frustrated, silly, anxious, upset, annoyed, excited

Red = loss of control, aggressive, mad, yelling, elated, feeling mean

Ask: When was a time you were in the green zone? Yellow zone? red? blue?

How can knowing your zones of regulation help you?

Greenwood library field trip, March 6, 12:30.  If you haven’t returned Seattle books, do so ASAP.  They were due on Tuesday.  I returned SPL books that were in the classroom.

Next Week:

We will write a biography about a classmate, make more graphs, learn about prefixes, continue learning about Zones of regulation and share our personal timelines.

Pike Place Market pictures:

We love Pike Place Market!  Thank you for a wonderful field trip.


Mrs. Oines

February 23rd

Pike Place Market Information

  • This Monday, Feb. 26
  • Wear uniform and warm coat
  • Chaperones come at 8:50am, bus leaves at 9:15.
  • Optional: Bring one can of tuna or peanut butter for the food bank.
  • Optional: Bring some coins to donate to Rachel the Piggy Bank
  • Bring sack lunch, no hot lunch.
  • We will return around 1pm.
  • No shopping allowed during the tour. Take your child back to the market and they will give you a tour.

NEW: Zones of Regulation Unit

We are learning about emotion, impulse control and managing our levels of alertness and focus. This poster shows the zones of regulation and the colors to go with it. We created Zones folders with emotion faces to match each zone. We will be spending time daily working on this unit. The strategies the kids learn can be used at school and home. Read the parent information to learn more and then you can use the Zones at home.  I attached the parent information in the email.

Math: We are reading, interpreting and making graphs.    The 2nd graders made surveys to ask the class a question about their favorite things. The kids turned their survey into a pictograph.

Religion: We attended out first Stations of the Cross today.  We are preparing our hearts for Jesus.  Please send in used coats and cans of soup for the St. Vincent de Paul.  Thank you for you generosity!

Have a wonderful, snowy weekend!

Mrs. Oines



February 16, 2018

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the thoughtful Valentine’s cards and treasures you sent to me and the class.  The kids had a blast exchanging cards and I’m pleased to say they loved my chocolate chip cookies!

Lent is here and we’re ready to “PRAY, FAST and GIVE for JESUS!”  The kids have written their Lenten Promises and will mark each day on our class and individual calendars through Lent.

PRAYER opportunities this Lent:

  • Monday- 5 minutes of silence
  • primary prayer Tuesday-Thursday at 8:25
  • Stations of the Cross every Friday, 2:30
  • Adoration Thursday, 10-10:10
  • Class prayer and songs

FASTING opportunities this Lent (Kid’s ideas):

  • fast from complaining
  • fast from blurting
  • fast from being mean
  • fast from whining
  • fast from video games
  • fast from watching TV

GIVING opportunities this Lent:

  • BRING tuna or peanut butter to Pike Place Market’s food bank
  • coat and soup drive from Saint Vincent dePaul food bank
  • Rice bowl giving- put change and bring to church or school during Holy Week.
  • Give to Catholic Community Services to support our homeless neighbors

Parents!! This is for you!!  Sign up for this amazing Lenten opportunity, BEST LENT EVER by Dynamic Catholic.  It’s free and simple!  You get daily short videos inspiring and encouraging during Lent.  I love doing this every year!  Please check it out.

God bless your Lenten Journey!  I pray we will see God and learn to love Him and others more fully.


Pike Place Market, February 26th.  Chaperones come at 8:50. SACK LUNCH DAY!  Please bring some coins for Rachel the Piggy bank and a can of tuna or peanut butter for the food bank at Pike Place Market.  Send to class any time.   Thank you!

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Mrs. Oines

February 9, 2018

It’s been a week with lots of colds, sniffly noses and coughs. We’ve taken time to review proper hand-washing and hygiene to stop the spread of germs through discussions, books and brainpop Jr. videos. Thank you for keeping sick kids at home! I hope everyone is well for next week. God bless you!

Lent comes next week, a time we focus on prayer, fasting and giving for Jesus. The will students create a countdown of the days of Lent that we will post on our Lenten Journey bulletin board. On Monday we will make a cross with their Lenten promise on it. We will spend time during Lent preparing our hearts for Jesus’ resurrection. Monday – Thursday the primary department will pray at 8:25. Fridays are 2:30 the whole school with pray the Stations of the Cross together. You are welcome!

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 13th.   Your child is invited to bring a card for each classmate. You may writing individual names. I will bring treats to enjoy during our card exchange.

What we’ve learned this week:

  • Identifying, counting and using coins
  • Reading and writing reflexive pronouns and contractions
  • Lessons about Pike Place Market then and now
  • Cursive strokes, e, w, i, u, t, l, b, k, h, r, f
  • Visit the chapel for Adoration prayer every Thursday- 10:00-10:10
  • Art lesson with Ms. Kay
  • We visited the Greenwood library

Coming up:

  • Religion: learning about the 10 Commandments and Morning offering prayer
  • Continue with using and counting coins
  • Participating in the season of Lent – Ash Wednesday and Stations of the cross on Fridays
  • More cursive strokes
  • Read biographies and write a biography about a classmate
    • Dr. Seuss, Kate diCamillo (author), George Washington Carver and presidents
  • Read Aloud: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Oines


January 19th

Hello Everyone,

We had a full week of learning and fun. Thank you for all the homework support your did with your child on their animal report notes.  We will be using the notes next week to create a beautiful report.  This week we learned 4 more cursive letters. We now can write cursive i, t, u, w, e, l and b. We wrote and found pronouns, created a partner book report poster of a Steve Jenkins animal book, worked on telling time, solved and wrote “how many more” story problems and as always read lots of books! Our virtue of the month is gratitude.

Thank you Veronica, Robin and Jen for the wonderful art lesson on Friday.


Next Week:

  • cursive strokes
  • irregular plurals nouns
  • Animal report – draft, final draft and design cover
  • Telling time and solving story problem strategies

***Hot Lunch: DO NOT order hotlunch on February 26th (OINES) and February 22nd (HENDRICKSON).  We are going to Pike Place Market those days.   Permission slips and details to come later. I have all the chaperones needed- thank you volunteers!

Xtramath practice: The kids have been working hard to master their math facts. The goal is to practice the whole year.   Research shows that to learn and maintain learning of math facts, kids need to practice at least 10 minutes/day. We provide opportunities daily to do xtramath practice and paper/pencil practice. Please keep up the support at home. In 3rd grade, student will be expected to move on to multiplication, so addition and subtraction fluency need to be mastered this year.

Catholic Schools Week: Catholic Schools Week is coming up. Please be sure to join us for 10:30 Mass on Sunday, January 28th and for the open house immediately following. Come see the animal reports and our classroom. I am asking for any parents who are interested/available during Catholic School’s week to talk to the class about their vocation to please contact me. We would love to hear from as many of you as possible about what you do and why you love it. Help us expand our horizons and learn about all the different things we can be when we grow up!

Catholic Schools Week Schedule

Sunday, 1/28: Mass at 10:30, Open House 12:00-1:30

Monday, 1/29: free dress day and bring in a can of food for St. Vincent de Paul food drive

Tuesday, 1/30: crazy sock day

Wednesday, 1/31: choose your own sweatshirt day

Thursday, 2/1: dress like a teacher day and bring in a flower

Friday, 2/2: purple and gold day- free lunch for students

Your children are delightful, energetic and a whole lot of fun!  Thank you for supporting me and our school.


Mrs. Oines


January 5th

Welcome back to school!  It has been wonderful to hear about and read the 2nd graders’ Christmas adventures. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends.  We spent a week visiting family in Sisters OR, near Bend. My favorite part was cross-country skiing with my girls and nephews. This week, we made New Year’s goals, started a unit on kindness, began adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers and reviewed 2nd grade expectations and behaviors. Thank you Ms. Bergman, Ms. Masterson and Ms. Wade for the wonderful snowy portrait art lesson today.

Thank you for the generous scrip gift! I plan to treat myself to something special. Thank you!!

What we’re learning:

Kindness Unit: In the book, Each Kindness, we heard a story about a left-out child and the lesson the other children learned from their missed opportunity to show kindness to her. The teacher uses the analogy of kindness being like a stone dropped in a pond. The ripples in the water are how kindness is spread out to others. We made out own kindness ponds and wrote a statement about what kindness means to you. We will read many different books about showing kindness.

Author Study Steve Jenkins: This author writes facts and creates beautiful collage pictures of animals. We’ll have over 20 of his books in class to read. These books will kick off our animal report unit. This video show how Steve Jenkins creates is amazing books.

Grammar: Plural nouns and collective nouns

Math: We’ve been working hard learning how to add and subtract with regrouping. We are now working on 3-digit adding and subtracting. NEW: It’s time to learn telling time. Get out your analog clocks and start practicing telling time at home. We will make paper plate clocks, uses mini-movable clocks and learn how to read a clock. Students may wear non-beeping wrist watches to school.

Science and Writing:

Northwest Animal Report: For Common core standard students are to do a research and writing project in 2nd Grade (W2.7). Starting the week of January 16th week, the students will be doing their own research and finding pictures at home for their project. Then, the final writing will be completed in class. This will be divided into sections with homework every night being a part of the research, and then we will be writing the report in class. Please help your child do the research. The final reports will be presented to the class once the project is complete.  All the information and rubric will be sent home on January 16th. Students will be selecting their animal in class next week.

The final reports will on display at the Open House for Catholic School’s Week, January 28th from 12-1pm

Cursive:  Next week, we will begin lessons on cursive strokes.

Next Greenwood Library visit: Tuesday, January 9th at 12:30.

Vocations Guest Speakers needed for Catholic School’s Week, January 29th: Can you come and share about your job with the 2nd graders? We are flexible on the time of day. Contact me if you have share with us.

Pike Place Market Field Trip: I am requesting 4 volunteers to help chaperone our field trip February 26th, 9-1.  Chaperone spots are filled, thank you!  Please let me know soon if you are able to help. Thank you!

Happy New Year!  I pray that you have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2018!

Mrs. Oines

December 3rd News

We ready for Advent!  In class we made collage Advent wreaths and on Monday we will pray an Advent blessing over them. We will add the candle flame each week of Advent. We will be attending Primary prayer every Tuesday – Friday at 8:25 and all-school prayer services through Advent every Monday.  We goo directly to the church every Monday morning at 8:15.

Report Cards: Please return the signed report card and envelope this week. The envelopes are reused each trimester!

All School Reconciliation this Monday – Your child will participate in individual Reconciliation tomorrow at 10am. I will be reviewing the process and supporting your child in their 2nd Reconciliation. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to prepare their heart for Jesus’ coming.

Join us!! 2nd and 5th Grade host the Immaculate Conception Mass, December 8th @ 9am.  Every 2nd and 5th grade child will be a part of the procession and some students will be greeter, gift bearers, bell ringers and readers.  We will be celebrating that God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. The 2nd graders colored beautiful drawings of Mary to be presented at mass. I hope you can join us!

Flat Stanley: Many Flat Stanley project’s have returned home! Please email me when your child is ready for the report form. After your child represents, I keep all the pieces for our Open House in the spring. You will get all the pieces back afterwards.

Next Greenwood Library Visit: This Tuesday, December 5th at 1PM.

We are learning about…

Math: We are beginning a unit on 2-digit subtraction.  We learned a little rhyme to help us remember when to regroup the tens place (aka: borrow). More on the top, STOP (just subtract) More on the floor, go next door (regroup). Try a few problems with your child. See if they can explain it.   This is a challenging skill that we will work on the whole year.

Reading and Writing: We learned to compare and contrast stories by reading Corduroy and learning about Grizzly bears.  Don Freeman’s, Corduroy, has many different versions.  We compared and contrasted Corduroy to our own teddy bear, Corduroy to real Grizzly bears and the Corduroy book and the movie.

This week we’ll start an author study of Tomie dePaola’s books. He has wonderful Christmas books and we’ll read his Strega Nona books series.  We will learn how to identify character traits and create a partner book report. Students spend time each day reading choice books from their book box.  I’m really impressed with how much reading growth the children have made!

Advent Gratitude Journaling: During Advent your child will spend a few minutes each school day writing and drawing what they are grateful for. The practice of gratitude has been proven to improve moods, increase happiness and helps you look beyond yourself. I hope this gratitude practice during Advent will help us prepare for Jesus’ coming in a special way.

God bless you this Advent season! I invite you to join me in the Best Advent Ever, through Dynamic Catholic. I’ve participated for the past 3 years and it’s a great way to observe Advent. Follow this link to sign up for a daily reflections sent to you daily.


Mrs. Oines

Happy Thanksgiving!

The 2nd graders created this list of what they are thankful for:

I am thankful for…

  • my grandma
  • video games
  • cats
  • dogs
  • swimming pools
  • having everyone
  • teachers
  • aunt
  • mom
  • dad
  • family
  • my bunny
  • healthy bodies
  • animals
  • house
  • sports
  • grandparents
  • Jesus
  • God
  • friends
  • pets
  • Mrs. O’Leary
  • bananas
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • food

We celebrated Thanksgiving by making cards for people we are grateful for.  We also learned about the pilgrim, the Wampanoag people and the Mayflower ship.  You can too!  Take a virtual field trip back in time here:

Landforms and Map:

Please review the Landform portfolio your child created and brought home on Tuesday.  We learned so much!  Ask you child to play the landform matching game with you.  Ask your child to tell you what they learned about Washington State’s rivers and mountains.


Advent Prayer begins Monday, December 4th at 8:20. Go directly to the church every Monday starting December 4th.  You are welcome to join us!

Thank you art parents for the fun turkey art project!

November 17th

Hello parents,

We had a full week of learning!  The highlight of the week was the kids made beautiful saint reports using the writing process (research at home, write a draft, edit and write final draft).  The kids made beautiful covers for their reports using the pictures printed from home or their own drawing.  We celebrated by sharing the reports with the other 2nd grade class.  I’m very proud of how their first reports turned out!

S.S. – We continued building our knowledge of landforms and map skills by taking a tour of a Washington state map.  We read about Washington state and used the map to answer different questions about our state’s landforms.  We also learned about the history of Thanksgiving and took a virtual tour of  the Mayflower.  Next week we’ll learn more about the town of Plymouth and what it was like living there.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Math – We learned a new game called Sum-mania to continue practicing math facts.  We continued to practice adding 2 digit numbers by doing many different activities.  The next skill will be subtracting 2 digit numbers and telling time.

Reading – To learn about main idea and supporting details we have read many articles from our Explorer magazine.  We are getting good at identifying the main idea and writing a sentence about it.  “The main idea is…”

Religion – We go to Adoration prayer in the church every Thursday.  It’s a beautiful, quiet moment for us to pray and talk to God.  I love it!   I love to use “God songs” in class.  Here is another great song the kids love, The Comeback.  It all about how God gives us strength and that we should not give up when things are hard.

Advent Is Coming Soon!

Beginning Monday, November 27th the entire school will gather for Advent morning prayer every Monday in the church at 8:20. Second graders will head straight to the church at 8:15. Please do your best to be on time. If you are late, please come directly to the church. We will be sitting in the front on the right hand side facing the altar if you need to meet us there.

I pray God will bless you!  Thank you for all you do to support your child and our school.  You are appreciated and a blessing to others.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Oines


November 3rd Newsletter

It’s been a full week of learning, praying and fun! We celebrated Halloween with our buddies by making a cut-out cat and pumpkin card. At the All Saint’s Day mass, hosted by Kindergarten and 7th grade, your children sang, prayed and thanked God for the saints. On All Soul’s Day we prayed for the souls of people in our families and friends who have died. We ended the week with snowflakes all day!

Important Dates:

Greenwood Library field trip, Tuesday, November 7th.  TIME CHANGE: 12:15-1:15.

Chaperones meet at 12 in the 2nd grade classrooms. 

Food Drive for Saint Vincent de Paul

Send non-perishable foods with your child this month. Our virtue of the month is stewardship. This is a great opportunity to show your child how to be a steward of their gifts. Thank you!

 State of the Parish this weekend!

All in-parish school families are required to attend the State of the Parish this weekend. You will learn about all the exciting developments in our parish. These short presentations will be at all the masses this weekend. See you there!

Grandparent’s Day November 9thGrandparents come to the classrooms between 10:30-11:00 to see the classroom. Then Grandparents will escort the 2nd grader to Egan Hall. No hot lunch on November 9th. Bring a lunch to share with Grandparents.

Parent Association Presents: Fostering Growth Mindset with 3rd grade teacher, Abby Mansfield

Tuesday, November 7, 7pm, Egan Hall

Join us for an informative evening and learn how you can guide your children to become lifelong learners.

Our Learning


We are wrapping up the place value unit. Now we are ready to begin learning how to add and subtract 2-digit and 3 digit numbers. This is the main math skill your child will learn this year. You can help your child by continuing to practice math facts so they can solve larger problem with more ease.


Your child is learning the names and descriptions of common landforms around the world and how they are formed.   So far we have watched 3 landform videos, colored and cut out landform flash cards, added facts to a learning log, read landform books and read landform chants. After learning about different landforms we will focus on Washington State’s landforms. We’ll end our unit by making a Washington State landform flip book.

Reading and writing:

We have learned about identifying the main idea and details in a text. We read good-fit books every day and participate in reading groups.

Religion: We will continue learning about saints by writing a report in class. You will help your child collect some simple facts about one saint. At school we will write the report. The new liturgical year begins at Advent. We will learn about liturgical calendar and create one. I shared a favorite song of mine today for prayer time, by For King and Country. Enjoy!

Safety Lesson:

On Tuesday we taught your child a safety lesson about getting gifts and keeping secrets. It is wrong for an adult or another child to ask a child to keep a gift a secret from his or her parents. It is never okay for a grown up to ask a child to keep a secret from their parents. We reviewed the touching safety rules – No is allowed to touch your private parts accept to keep you clean and healthy.

Thank you for meeting me for conferences!

Mrs. Oines