October 5 Newsletter

Hello 2nd Grade Families,

I hope you are enjoying a great fall weekend!  I get to hear all about your weekends every Monday when the kids write their Weekend News!  Every week, the kids are writing a little bit more.  I spent the weekend in my yard weeding and pruning to get ready for fall.  I also tried out a delicious vegetable-chicken soup recipe.  My daughters went with their grandma to see Black Beauty at the Seattle Children’s Theater.

The 2nd graders will complete 3 days of MAP testing this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We will focus on putting forth great effort and using persistence when it gets hard.  We will review the MAP scores and discuss your child’s strengths and areas of growth at the upcoming conferences. A signup genius will be sent to you.

Last week’s learning:

Social Studies: We’re learning about the parts of a map: compass rose, key, scale and title, using student atlases.  We made beautiful compass roses and they are posted in the classroom.  We’ll be making our own maps this week.

Where in the world is FLAT STANLEY? I hope Stanley and Flat-self are off on their adventure!

***When Flat Stanley returns to you, please email me.***   I will send you a sharing paper for your child to complete.  After that, your child will present where Stanley went to the class and they will mark where Stanley went on our class maps.  I will keep all project materials until the end of the school year.  We will display all class’ Flat Stanley projects at our Open House in June.

Math: We continued to work on math fact strategies like fact families, doubles and make a ten.  We also worked on skip counting by 5s and 10s.  We know many games to play by with someone or by ourselves.  Ms. Gudaitis, our math specialist, leads a problem solving lesson every Friday.  Students can use xtramath.org to practice math facts at school and home.  I sent a signup form home.  Let me know if you need help signing up.

Religion: We practiced praying the Act of Contrition (the I’m sorry prayer).  God’s love and forgiveness are bigger than anything we can imagine.  We talked about how each day is a new start and that we can talk to God when we make poor choices.  We spend time praying every Thursday in the chapel for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Reading: We are reading and then retelling the beginning, middle and end of stories.

Phonics: reviewing short vowels and using our phonics book for the first time.  Spelling homework begins this week.

Handwriting: We started reviewing correct letter formation.  You can help!  All letters, tall: b, d, h, k, l, t, and small: a, c, i, n, m, x, v, w, z are written top to bottom.  No letters strokes should be written bottom to top.  If you see your child writing letters bottom to top, show them the correct formation.

Zones of Regulation: We are making a zones of regulation book to help us manage our feelings.  We will start learning strategies to use when we are upset, frustrated or anxious.


Vision and Hearing Screening: October 17th

School Pictures: October 22nd

Greenwood Library Field Trip: October 22nd, 12:50

Thank you for all you do to help our school!  You are very appreciated!


Mrs. Oines