Welcome to Distance Learning

Dear 2nd Graders and families, 

       Here we are in a situation out of our control, but distance learning is another great tool for education.  The first 2 weeks of the closure, Mrs. Hendrickson and I were able to make packets for you.  After that we are going to do distance learning using your computer and other resources.  The first 2 weeks is review and practicing what we have learned so far.  After that students will be learning new things.  I will be available every day 9-12 for any questions and support.  You can contact me by phone, email or video conference using zoom.us.  If those times don’t work, I will be watching on and off all day for emails from you.  

The specialist teachers and I will be giving student their assignments one week at a time. This will be a learning process for all of us, but that is what education is all about – being flexible and learning new ways of doing our best!   

     Students, I will be missing every one of you during this time, so I would love an email from you- what you are doing, how you are feeling about all of this, any school assignment questions, drawing me a picture and having your parents take a picture and send it to me – anything.  The parents were given times that I would be available for sure, but you can anytime, any day!  Even though I am not at school, I am doing school things at home, just like you.

Getting Started:

  1. Set a time for school. Your work should take you about 2 hours each day.  You can do an hour, then take a break, then complete the 2nd
  2. Get supplies ready: pencils, sharpener, paper, work folder.
  3. Follow the day’s plan and decide the order you will do it.
  4. Listen to the grownups helping you with your school work.
  5. Try your best. Use your great handwriting even at home!
  6. Every Friday, your parents will report to me how the week went and if you completed your work for the week.

Have a great day tomorrow, starting your distance learning!

Please complete this questionnaire.  Thank you!

God bless you,

Mrs. Oines

Home Learning Questionnaire

How is home learning going?