Good Friday Reflection

Dear Families,

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you!  Even though this virus has turned our lives upside down and ended our in-person school year, we are still going on and not giving up.  This transition has been stressful, challenging and frustrating for us, but I see your kids smiling, working hard and adjusting well to the change.  You are working, caring for family and now being teachers to your children.  You are awesome!  I’m cheering your on!  So, thank you for all your encouragement and helpful feedback.  I’m here to support you along the way.   Your kids will be fine!  I miss being with them so much, so please hug them for me.  You are in my prayers everyday!

Mrs. Jessup is in inspiration to me.  Her faith is so strong and often leads the staff in growing in our faith.  I think her following message will encourage you on this Good Friday.  I think she made a wonderful and meaningful connection between what is going on right now in our world to our Catholic faith, Holy Week, and the disciple John, who later became our school’s patron saint, St. John the Evangelist.

Mrs. Jessup wrote, “… I turned to God. I was upset that He has allowed this virus to take over our lives. Then I stepped back and tried to see everything through His eyes. We are in Holy Week.

It reminds me of the beginning of the school year. Palm Sunday was a parade welcoming Jesus like we welcomed our students to a new year. Then the year began with hope!

As we go through Holy week we see that Jesus dealt with the darkness of this world.  He suffered and died on a cross for us. We are suffering too, but lest we forget that 3 days later He rose from the dead! We will rise and see the light at the end!

I think about the disciples, especially John. Did you know he was the youngest, a teenager, when he became a disciple of Jesus? If you ever read Bible stories where Jesus only takes one or two with him, it is usually Peter and John. John had a beautiful faith in Jesus.

When Jesus was arrested, all the disciples ran in fear. John ran to Mary, the mother of Jesus. He stood by her side and together they walked with Jesus on his way carrying the cross. When Jesus was dying he told John to take care of his mother. What a gift!

That Sunday morning Mary Magdalene ran to tell the disciples that Jesus’s body was gone. Peter and John ran to see what happened. In the Bible, it says that John went into the tomb and believed. Yes, he believed that Jesus rose from the dead. He became St. John the Evangelist!

He spent his life showing others the way to God through his writings (gospel, book of Revelation). Then he was exiled to an island at the end of his life. Sound familiar? I think it’s no coincidence that you chose St. John Catholic School for your children. I feel the same way.

We have this incredible saint who was Jesus’s best friend and caretaker of Mary, the mother of God! When we feel lost, angry, discouraged, or hopeless, be like St. John. See that God never abandoned us. He is here with us and will be with you every step of the way.”


God bless you,

Mrs. Oines