March 1st Newsletter

Hello everyone!

We’re learning, praying and having a good time.  Here is what we’re working on and some picture of the kids’ art.

Hand-washing – We are reteaching proper hand-washing and use of hand-sanitizer.  Please review these hygiene skills at home.  This includes: keeping hands away from your face, coughing into your elbow, avoiding hand contact with others, and washing often.

Science: States of Matter – We’re learning about the 3 states of matter: solid, liquid and gas and will discover what happens when items are heated or cooled.  We will explore that changes to matter can be reversed and some cannot.

Cursive formation– we have learned 8 capital letters this week.  Each student is working on writing their own name in cursive.

Math: Telling time – What time is it?  We have spent the past two weeks learning how to tell time.  We’re starting our money unit this week.  We will identify coins, count coins and use adding and subtracting to solve money problems.

Religion: During Lent, the 2nd grade classes meet to pray together every Monday through Wednesday mornings, Adoration prayer on Thursday and Stations of the Cross with the school on Fridays.  We made beautiful Lent painting to highlight our Lenten promises to GIVE, PRAY and FAST.  We are reading about Jesus’ life in our religion books.

Phonics: plural nouns and spelling patterns to make singular nouns into plural nouns.

Flat Stanley:  We have heard from the majority of Flat Stanley travels around the world.   We will celebrate all the projects at a 2nd Grade Open House at the end of the school year.

Supporting Ashley through Unbound: Thank you for your steady support of Ashley!  The kids’ $1 monthly donations are collected at the end of each month.  Thank you so much!

Beauty and the Beast Play – We get to view the dress rehearsal of the play on Thursday afternoon!

Tuesday, March 10 – First Communion class, 7pm in the 5th grade classroom.

Tuesday, March 17 – Greenwood library field trip.

God bless you!

Mrs. Oines