March 6th Newsletter

Hello parents!

We watched the play, Beauty and Beast, on Thursday and I highly recommend it!  The kids were mesmerized by the acting, dancing and singing.

Math – New unit – counting coins using skip counting.  We learned the names, values and some facts about quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.  Each student made a coin identification card with real money and they have their own bag of fake coins to practice counting.  Get out those coins and let your child practice skip counting to add.

Religion – Our virtue of the month is faithfulness.  Faithfulness is being able to trust in God with our lives.  Our God is faithful!  He loves us forever and forgives our sins.  He is faithful!  Here is the song we listened to, Great is your Faithfulness:

We continue to participate in Lenten prayer each morning, adoration and Stations of the Cross.

Unbound Service Project, $1 per month – Idea to support your child in this service.  Pay your child for doing a job, then your child can donate the money they earned to Ashley, our Unbound friend.  Thank you!!

Science and Reading– We explored what happens to solids and liquids when they heated or cooled using our science workbooks lessons and hands-on activities.  We froze a marshmallow, gummy-bear, leaf and wet paper towel for 2 days, then observed if this change was reversible or irreversible.  Then we heated these items in a microwave to observe the change.  Here’s the videos we watched of the microwaved marshmallow and gummy-bear:

Engineering in the Maker’s Space: On Friday, we visited the Maker’s Space to use a variety of materials to solve this problem.  Can you make a boat that floats and is moved by wind?  What can you do to improve your design?  The kids had a blast creating and tweaking their designs.  See photos below.

Writing: Paragraph writing – In reading groups we’ve been reading different nonfiction topics, like monarch butterflies, how coins are made, matter and energy.  We’ve used these texts to write a paragraph about what they learned with my help.  We also learned how to write a sequence sentence with commas.  Example:  I love blueberries, cherries, and strawberries.

We continue to do grammar practice several times a week.

Cursive: We’re still working our way through the uppercase cursive strokes.  They are getting quite good at cursive!

Next week:

First Communion Class, Tuesday, March 10, 7-8pm

Jumprope for Heart Assembly, Tuesday

No School next Friday, March 13, Professional Development Day for teachers