Poems, Towers and Shapes, Oh My!

Sam’s Bridge holds two people!
Strong tower!
Distance Learning Limerick by Mrs. Oines
We are teachers named Oines and Morris.
We’re sad out student couldn’t join us.
The kids all stayed home,
but they’re not alone,
the parents now teach 2nd grade for us!
Otter Limerick By Gabriella
There once was an otter.
He does not like to be bothered.
One day he went on a walk
and bummed into a monkey that talked, talked, talked.
The otter went out of the world bonkers.

Silly Animals

Squirrels doing the dab
A Gorilla wearing a yellow wig
A bunny relaxing on a floaty down a lazy river A rhino dancing the orange justice
A shark watching tv in the ocean
A dolphin doing the Macarena

By Aidan, Malia, Katherine, Lola and Julian

Duck Limerick

By Vincent Strong

Once there were three ducks

They had some toy trucks!

So they drove to faraway lands

And got some headbands!

When they got back they still had some bucks!

This is Liam’s  STEM bridge.
The challenge: construct a bridge that can span two dishes of water, that can support at least ten books.
The rules: no parts of the structure can actually be placed in the water.
The bridge: a two-span causeway of books supported on Jenga blocks, with each span holding the weight of ten full novels separately.

Anika’s tide pool collection from Canada.
Samuel build a chair!
Wynn’s toilet roll bridge:
Sam’s origami cube:
Katherine’s Triangle tower:
Archie’s bridge and towers
Elsa’s dominoes: