Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Welcome to the new school year!  My amazing teacher assistant, Mrs. Morris, and I have been busy getting the classroom set up for our new 2nd Graders.  We are very excited to welcome the students on the first day.  We will meet in our line spot along the Quigley fence each morning and will enter the building at 8:15.  Please bring a water bottle, a snack and school supplies on the first day.  School is dismissed at noon on the first day.  You will pick up your child on the playground between the portables and the alley entering the playground.

Our class is known as the Outstanding Orcas.  We begin the year learning about our local orca, the Southern Resident pods J, K and L.  You may have been reading about our orcas’ struggles in the news.  Do you know about the orca named Granny?  Do you know what our orcas eat?  Do you know where these orcas travel?  Your child will be able to wow you with orca facts and learn to appreciate our beautiful Puget Sound.

Here are a few our our local orcas…

J-35 Tahlequah 21 years old – She was in the news last summer because her calf died at birth.  She pushed her calf for 17 days.  People around the world heard this story.

J-16 Slick 47 years old

J-46 Star 10 years old

J-45 Se-Yi’-Chn 10 years old

J-51 Nova 4 years old

Welcome back to school!  I’m excited to meet you and get started on a terrific year!

Mrs. Oines