June 9th – Last Day!

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

Thank you for a wonderful school year!  I appreciate how supportive, kind and thoughtful you parents are.  You’ve done so much to help your children this year…homework, lunches, fundraisers, First Communion classes, volunteering, recess duty, sports, art and more!  You are amazing!

We’ve learned, played and prayed so much this year!  I’m so proud of the growth each child has made.  Please take a look at the beautiful portfolio of your child’s work this year.  They are full of art, reports and projects we did at school and at home.

This summer it is so important that your child continues to read and practice math.  Your child should spend about 30 minutes weekdays reading and doing math.  The “summer slump” won’t affect your child if you require them to do reading and math.  I suggest a sticker calendar chart.  Each day your child does reading and math they mark the calendar.  After 40 days your child can get an agreed upon reward from you.

  1. Mathletics.com – I set up a summer program to review 2nd grade math.
  2. xtramath.org – 5-10 minutes of daily practice is needed for retention of math facts.
  3. Seattle Public Library summer reading program.  spl.org

Book lists 3rd-grade-summer-reading-list and lexile.com

When summer’s over, we’ll celebrate the great work the kids did at the Breakfast of Champions, September 1st at 7:45.  Students who spend at least 3 days a week working on reading and math will get to participate.  We hope to see everyone there!

You are invited to sit us with for mass tomorrow at 9am.  I hope you can join us!

I pray that God will bless you this summer.  Be safe and have fun!

Bless you!

Mrs. Oines


May 30th Newsletter

As we come to the end of the school, I have been reflecting on all we’ve accomplished, all your children have learned and how much they have grown in their faith.  It’s been a special year!  Thank you for supporting me and our incredible school!!

We’ve been having a wonderful time reading and writing fables, folktales and fairy tales the past few weeks.  We finishing up publishing our fractured fairy tales this week.  They will be on display at the OPEN HOUSE this Thursday, June 1st before and after school.

Our Learning:

Science: States of Matter Unit (solids, liquids and gases).  We’ll be doing 4 explorations or solids and liquids with our school’s FOSS science kit.  Your child is invited to do an extra credit JELLO project due this Friday.  Your child will get to see all three states of matter while making the yummy treat for your family.  I hope you can do this fun activity together!

Social Studies: We’re making a Flat Stanley book to document Flat Stanley’s travels this year.

Writing: Persuasive writing – What’s your favorite candy?  The 2nd graders will write a persuasive paragraph to convince their classmates to vote for their candy.  We’ll share and vote for the class’ favorite.

MAP Tests and STAR reading test: The results will be with your child’s report card this is issued on the last day of school.

OPEN HOUSE: This Thursday, June 1st 7:45-8:15 and 3:00-3:30.  Come see the 2nd Graders’ communities, Flat Stanley projects, fractured fairy tales and more!

Blessings to you,

Mrs. Oines

May 16th Newsletter

Congratulations on your child’s First Communion!  I feel so blessed to be a part of your child’s First Communion.  I beamed with pride at how poised, reverent and beautiful they were.  Thank you for your support in their faith journey.  I pray that your children will always be close to Jesus and will feel His love each time they receive Him at mass.




Our learning:

Social Studies:  I’m incredibly proud of the 2nd Graders’ work on their community project.  The kids completed their urban, suburban or rural communities last week.  They began by brainstorming places people in their community could live, work, learn, play and worship.  Then they designed a map of their community.  Finally they used colored paper, scissors and glue to create their community on a large poster board.  The communities will be on display at the OPEN HOUSE June 1st (7:45-8:15 and 3:00-3:30) at the Open House.







Reading and Writing: Hooray for fairy tales, folktales and fables!!  We’re reading these types of fantasy for the next few weeks.   To celebrate this genre we’ll be performing a reader’s theater of folktales and writing our own fractured fairy tale.

Spelling/Phonics: We’re continuing our work with dictionaries and are using our dictionaries to learn the meaning of homonyms.  The kids are getting so proficient at finding words in the dictionary.  It may seem like a lost art, but dictionary skills do come up in the real world.  For example, finding a book in the library or bookstore, looking up a recipe, finding a place on a map index or finding a word in the glossary.

Math: 3 digit subtraction practice this week.  We’ll end the week a subtraction test.  Examples:  800-263=     526-487=     539-217=

Religion: Our Virtue of the Month is RESPONSIBILITY.  We are working on being responsible for our things, messes and neatness in our work.  We are showing we are ready for 3rd Grade!

Mindfulness: Most days after lunch we visit GoNoodle.com to work on mindfulness for 5-10 minutes.  My favorites are: https://app.gonoodle.com/channels/empower-tools https://app.gonoodle.com/channels/flow

Handwriting: We’ve almost learned all the capital cursive letters.

Coming Up:

Science Unit starting next week: STATES of MATTER, We’ll end the year with a fun, hands-on science unit.  We’ll learn about the 3 states of matter: solid, liquid and gas and discover what happens when items are heated or cooled.  Some changes can be reversed and some cannot.

  • Wednesday, May 17th – Mass Bishop Blanchet High School Field Trip – DRESS UNIFORM
  • Thursday, June 1st, before and after school: 2nd Grade OPEN HOUSE –  Come see our Flat Stanley projects and see our community projects.

God bless you and your family!

Mrs. Oines

April 27th Newsletter

Hello parents,

Despite the continued cold and rainy weather, signs of spring are finally here!  Many spring events on happening, so be sure to mark your calendars with the events named below.  It’s been fun this week to hear about the 2nd graders’ spring break adventures.  Last Tuesday, I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful scrolls at the Bread-making event.  Your children are ready for their First Communion!  They have grown in their faith in Jesus and love for others this year.  I’m so proud of your wonderful children!  I will continue to pray for all the 2nd graders as we approach this special sacrament.  God bless you!

Our Learning:

Reading and Writing: It’s Poetry Month! We will continue to read and write poetry through next week.  We have learned haiku, diamante, free verse, I Know a Place… and color poems.  Students will collect write and illustrate a few of their favorite poems.

Math: 3-digit addition and subtraction

Religion:  First Communion is nearly here!  We will have a brunch May 8th to celebrate the children’s 1st Communion.  This is a student only brunch.  Thank you for the volunteers who signed up to set up and bring food.  I’m so excited for the 2nd Graders.  One week to go!

Social Studies: We are working on my favorite group project.  The kids will work as a team to create an urban, suburban or rural community.  They begin by brainstorming places people in their community can live, work, learn, play and worship.  Then they design a map of their community.  Finally they use colored paper, scissors and glue to create their community on a large poster paper.  The communities will be on display Thursday, June 1st (7:45-8:15 and 3:00-3:30) at the 2nd Grade Open House.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, May 1st: Crowning of Mary– bring a flower
  • Tuesday, May 2nd: First Communion Rehearsal
  • Wednesday morning, May 3rd: MAP testing (reading)
  • Thursday, May 4th @ 7pm: Spring Concert 
  • Friday morning, May 5th: MAP testing (math)
  • May 6th and 7th: First Communion Masses
  • Monday, May 8th: First Communion Brunch for 2nd Graders
  • Tuesday, May 9th: MAP testing (Language)
  • Wednesday, May 17th: Field Trip: Mass at Blanchet High School
  • Thursday, June 1st before and after school: OPEN HOUSE in 2nd GRADE CLASSES

Enjoy these great photos of our biography projects.











I hope you have a great time at the auction!  Thank you for supporting our school.


Mrs. Oines

April 11th Newsletter

It’s Holy Week!  We are spending every day this week doing our school work for Jesus.  Today we took turns reading the Palm Sunday gospel using our MagnifiKids.  We made a timeline of Jesus’ life yesterday.  For Good Friday the school will “unplug”, so no computers, document cameras , etc and we will have have all-school Stations of the Cross at 2pm.  We will have silent dismissal on Good Friday.  I hope you’ll come to the Holy Thursday mass at 7pm and Good Friday service at 7pm.  Have a blessed Holy Week!

Our learning:

Math: Measurement unit which includes

  • measuring in centimeters and inches.
  • estimating length and checking your estimate
  • choosing the correct tool- ruler, tape measure, meter stick, yard stick

S.S. Communities Unit started this week :  We will learn…

  • a community needs places people live, work, learn, play and worship
  • communities can be urban, suburban or rural
  • how to plan, design and build a community map in a small group.

Science: Plant Habitats and Pollination   We learned…

  • learn how plants adapt to survive.
  • Read a variety of books about habitats
  • learned names of plants, identify pictures and draw plants from rainforests, plains, wetlands, forests and deserts.
  • Created a flipbook to share what we’ve learned
  • learned about pollinators from Britt, the beekeeper, and watched Wings of Life documentary about pollinators. We wrote thank-you letters to Britt.
  • We visited the garden and wrote notes about what plants need

Author Day was a great success!  The kids did a skype session with Patrick Jennings and asked him many questions about being an author.  We wrote thank you letters to Mr. Jennings.  Please thank Kari Aguila for organizing this great event!

Reading and Writing Poetry in April:   We will learn…

  • Poetry creates a picture in your mind
  • Poetry makes you feel emotions
  • It doesn’t have to rhyme
  • Line breaks are used to organize the poem
  • Poetry is meant to be read aloud
  • Poetry can sound like music


  • Virtue of the Month: Forgiveness
  • Holy Week story
  • Timeline of Jesus’ life
  • Psalm 23
  • Sacrament of Eucharist

Handwriting: continue learning capital letters

Student Portfolios: Your child has created many amazing project this year that are being filed in a portfolio.  It includes projects such as: animal report, saint report, student biography, Jesus timeline and more.  These will be taken home at the end of May.

First Communion scrolls are due at the night of the bread-making session, April 25th.  If your child wants to, you and your child will get to share the scroll in a small group at the bread-making session.  They will be on display during the 1st communion reception

Thank you for all you do for our school!  I appreciate you!

Mrs. Oines

March 24th Newsletter

Can you believe we are 2/3 way through the school year?  I’m so delighted with the progress each 2nd Grader has made.  Think back to September…  Has your son or daughter’s reading  abilities improved?  Can they write more?  Do they have more self-control and maturity?  Are they interested in something new?  They all grow in many ways and I’m very proud of my students!  If you haven’t done so, please return the envelope with one report card signed.  See pictures below!

Our learning this week:


We are growing closer to Jesus by participating in the primary prayer service each morning, praying at Adoration every Thursday and going to Stations of the Cross each Friday.  We do a weekly reflection about how our Lent promises are going.  We also listen to faith-inspired music in class by some of my favorite artists, MercyMe, For King and Country, and Hawk Nelson.  Each day of Lent, a student adds a piece to our Lent Calendar to mark the days.  We’re at day 21, half way through Lent!

Mrs. Rousso, our school counselor, has been doing friendship, self-control and social filter lessons every Tuesday.  We learned that when a thought comes to your mind sometimes thoughts need to be filtered first.  If it’s not kind or appropriate you can filter your thought by saying it in another, kinder way, or just don’t say it!  We practiced several senarios to practice choosing what to do.  Say it, or fitler it, or don’t way it.

Mindfulness:  We are enjoying a daily dose of mindfulness and yoga.  We are working on using our breath to keep calm and bring a sense of well-being.  I’m using videos from gonoodle.com to guide our mindfulness time.  We spend 5-10 minutes a day on mindfulness.  Check out gonoodle.com to get your own free account!

New Math Unit: Geometry

  • names and attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes (trapezoid, parallelogram, pentagon, quadrilateral, side, angle, etc.)
  • Sort and categorize shapes
  • partition rectangles in columns and rows and count the boxes within

Reading and Writing: We finished up reading biographies and writing a biography about a classmate last week.   Each child will exchange biographies as a gift.  They turned out so well!  The biographies are posted in the classroom so come by to see them.  I will make copies of the original for the authors to keep.

New Book Club thanks to Kari Aguila!!! Starting Monday we are reading a delightful chapter book titled Guinea Dog, by Patrick Jennings.  It is a book about a boy who desperately wants a dog but his parents say no.  His mom gives him a guinea pig instead, but the guinea pig turns out to be more like a dog than a guinea pig.  He is a local author know for writing a number of well-loved books.  We will get to skype with Patrick Jennings on Author Day, April 5th!!!  We will get to ask Patrick questions about how he wrote the book and questions we come up with as we read the book this week.  Kari, thank you so much for ordering a book for every child in 2nd grade.  This is such a special experience for us!

Phonics: Adding prefixes and suffixes to words such as- big to bigger, swim to swimming, bake to baking, help to helpless, kind to kindness, bump to bumpy, wrap to unwrap, tie to untie

Cursive: We have learned all the lower case cursive letters and are working on the upper case letters.

Religion: We are learning about Holy Communion, the virtue of the month: Respect and the Saint of the Month: St. Teresa of Avila

Flat Stanley:  Thank you to the students who have shared their Flat Stanley reports with the class last week!  Students can bring in their Flat Stanley projects anytime, preferably by the end of April.  The projects can be a poster, binder, book or just the materials you mailed.  Students should practice reading their project at home so they are ready to present.

Thank you Jennifer and Monica for the letter mosaic art lesson last Friday.  The kids loved it!

God bless your Lenten season! Thank you for your support and for all you do!


Wednesday: Class Photos and Reconciliation at 10am for 2nd graders

April 4th – Guest Speaker, Britt McCombs, beekeeper:  Ms. McCombs will teach us about bees, pollination and facts about beekeeping as a part of our plant habitat unit

April 5th: Author Day, skype time with author Patrick Jennings

Mrs. Oines

Enjoy these delightful pictures of the kids’ biography reports and some interviews 🙂




















March 2nd Newsletter

Lent is here!  It’s a time we focus on prayer, fasting and giving for Jesus. The students have created a countdown of the days of Lent that we post on our Lenten Journey bulletin board. Yesterday they made a cross with their Lenten promise on it and posted them on the board. We will spend time during Lent preparing our hearts for Jesus’ resurrection. Monday – Thursday the primary department will pray at 8:25. Fridays are 2:30 the whole school with pray the Stations of the Cross together. You are welcome!

Do want to grow closer to Jesus too?  Check out the Best Lent Ever from Dynamic Catholic at http://dynamiccatholic.com/bestlentever/ for short daily videos.  I love this!

What we’ve learned in February:

  • Reading and making graphs
  • Collective nouns, reflexive nouns and possessive nouns
  • History of Pike Place Market
  • 10 Commandments, Morning offering prayer and Order of Church leaders (pope, archbishop, priest)
  • Book clubs have been meeting to share and make reading goals
  • Engineering and Design: we planned, designed, created and reflected on problems that came up when we made container for Clifford’s bone
  • Visit the chapel for Adoration prayer every Thursday- 10:00-10:10

Coming up:

  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • adding suffixes to words
  • Identifying and counting coins
  • Participating in the season of Lent and will learn about Sacramentals (items and actions used during prayer and mass like ash, blessed medals, blessed candles, crucifix, and the sign of the cross)
  • Librarian Erin with visit us during the Greenwood Library closure for story time
  • More cursive strokes
  • Read biographies and write a biography about a classmate- Some biographies we’ll read: Dr. Seuss, Kate diCamillo (author), George Washington Carver and presidents
  • End of the month: ecosystems and how plants and animals interact with ecosystems
  • Read Aloud: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.

Here’s some great photos for you:

Engineering project: Recyclable materials were transformed into dog-bone carriers.














Newsletter for January 28th

Catholic Schools Week is here! Please remember to join us at 10:30 Mass tomorrow (in dress uniform or cultural attire) and then at the Open House, immediately after.  Come by to see the 2nd Graders amazing animal reports Be sure to stop by Egan Hall to visit the cultural fair and the classrooms in the main building.  To celebrate this special time, each day will represent something different.

Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

Sunday, January 29th – Celebrating Our Parish

  • Catholic Schools Week Liturgy 10:30. Students may wear cultural dress or dress uniform.
  • Cultural Fair 12:00-1:00
  • Open House 12:00-1:30 (come into our classroom and see next year’s room, too!)

Monday, January 30th – Celebrating Your Community and Nation

  • Students bring one can of food for St. Vincent de Paul
  • Free dress
  • Primary department will spend time thanking the Fire Department

Tuesday, January 31st – Celebrating Our Volunteers

  • Crazy sock day! Accessorize school uniform with outrageous socks!
  • Special thank you coming home!

Wednesday, February 1st – Celebrating Our Nation

  • Singing patriotic songs and thanking God for our country
  • Choose your own sweatshirt. Accessorize uniform with sweatshirt of choice!

Thursday, February 2nd – Celebrating Vocations/Teacher Appreciation Day

  • Crazy hat day! Accessorize uniform with hat of your choice!
  • Students bring 1 flower for teacher
  • Parents coming into classroom to speak about vocations

Friday, February 3rd – Celebrating Our Students

  • Purple & Gold Day/Spirit Day: This is the favorite day of the school year for our students! Purple and gold clothing is encouraged (dress code appropriate) – this is the one day of the school year, face paint and hair paint is allowed. Festivities will begin in the gym at 1:30pm and we will enjoy the annual competitions between students and faculty/staff, halftime performances, and more!
  • Students will be treated to a Nacho Bar Student Appreciation LunchFREE to ALL students!

Valentine’s Day: We will celebrate Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14th.  It is your child’s choice whether they would like to write their classmates’ names or just sign their own name on their Valentine’s.  Your child is welcome to send the cards early for safe keeping at school.  Please do not add edible treats but non-edible treat like stickers, pencils, bookmarks are okay.

Last week we…

  • learned more about plural nouns.
  • learned how to determine an author’s purpose for writing.
  • listened to the story of Moses and learned the 10 commandments
  • practiced 2-digit subtraction.
  • learned how to make a consensus in a group.
  • continued cursive letter formation.
  • presented our animal reports to the class
  • had art class with Ms. Kay

Engineering Project:

Clifford the Big Red Dog nears our help!  He needs to carry dog bones safely to his family.  The 2nd graders are designing and constructing containers to carry a real dog bone that will meet the following criteria.  1. It must close tightly.  2. It must fit the dog bone.  3. It must be decorated for one of Clifford’s family members.  4. Clifford must be able to carry it.  We have completed the planning steps in their groups.  Next Monday the 2nd graders will build their container.  Thank you for sending the “building supplies!”

Next week we’ll learn…

  • how to use addition to check subtraction
  • Catholic school’s week activities
  • possessive nouns
  • work on Clifford’s bone container
  • ask and answer questions about informational texts
  • parent-led art on Wednesday at 12:45

God bless you and your family!  Thank you for all you do for our school.  I appreciate you!

Mrs. Oines

Animal Report Sharing































January 15th Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

We’re at my favorite time of year!  We have many wonderful and engaging projects ahead, but I won’t give them away just yet!  Thank you for all you do to support our school and our work in the classroom.  And a special THANK YOU for the generous gift card you gave me for Christmas.  I really appreciate it!!   The next two months we will have Accreditation visitors coming to observe how our school is meeting various standards.  This is our time to celebrate what a great school we have and show off a bit.  Ask your child, “What are the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)?  Hint: Christ-center person, Active Learner and Empowered Disciple.  The visitors are looking for examples of how we are show our Catholic identify and how our students exhibit the SLEs.  The Pre-Visit is Monday, January 23rd.  This will be a DRESS UNIFORM Day. The teachers will meet the Visiting Team and they will get a tour of our school.  The offical visit is March 1-3rd.

***Hot Lunch: DO NOT order hotlunch on February 22nd.  We are going to Pike Place Market that day.   More information to come later.

This Tuesday: Martin Luther King Jr. school prayer assembly on Tuesday at 10am.

Bring Library Cards this Tuesday: Greenwood library field trip, chaperones come at 12:20.

THIS Wednesday and Friday: Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Testing) from 12-1:30pm.  Do not schedule appointment on these days.  Thank you!  You will receive results in about a week after the testing.

Catholic Schools Week Open House, Sunday, January 29th- Come see our our great classroom, our animal reports and more!

Our Upcoming Week’s Learning:

  • cursive strokes
  • plural nouns, reading and writing them
  • Reading strategy: main idea
  • writing animal our reports and creating a cover
  • subtracting two-digit numbers with and without regrouping

God bless you this New Year!

Mrs. Oines

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends.  A special welcome to our new student, Lennon!  Please extend a welcome to Lennon, and her parents Brooke and Lindy.

This month we are working on many new skills and new projects.

Math: Last month we will learned how to add 2 digit numbers using regrouping, otherwise known as “carrying.”  This month we’ll be learning how to SUBTRACT two-digit numbers.  We will used concrete objects first and then move on to the algorithm.  We use popsicle sticks and place value blocks to subtract the ones place first, then regroup the tens place if needed.  It’s very important that students get in the habit of starting in the ones place.  We draw a t-chart to help us remember to start in the one place.


Science and Writing:

For a common core standard students are to do a research and writing project in 2nd Grade (W2.7). Next week, the students will be doing their own research and finding pictures at home for their project. Then, the final writing will be completed in class. This will be divided into sections with homework every night being a part of the research, and then the next day will be writing it in class. Please help your child do the research if needed. They can choose any animal that has a habitat in North America, and I request some NEW (unfamiliar) animal so that they learn something new. This will be presented to the class once the project is complete.  All the information and rubric will be sent home on Monday, but this is to let you know as a parent, in advance. If you want to look in advance, these websites will be helpful: STUDENTS will choose their animal at school this Friday from this site: http://naturemappingfoundation.org/natmap/facts/

and http://www.nature.ca/notebooks/english/a_z.htm

The final reports will on display at the Open House for Catholic School’s Week, January 29th from 12-1pm.

Cursive:  The kids are working on earning a new nametag with their name written in cursive this week.  They earn it by using neat handwriting in all their work.  Next week, we will begin lessons on cursive strokes.

Flat Stanley:   Students can bring in their Flat Stanley projects anytime between January and April.  The projects can be a poster, binder, book or just the materials you mailed.  Students should practice reading their project at home so they are ready to present.

Next Greenwood Library visit: Tuesday, January 10th at 12:30.

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Oines